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Here is another {FREE} reading survey for the primary grades. The teacher can do this with the students (especially for K) or individually. Reading surveys help you get a good grasp of where student's are at in their reading journey. This can be used at the beginning, middle or end of the year! *************************Looking for the Intermediate Reading Survey?

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Reading "Musical" Chairs

Want your students to try out a variety of genres? Then try out "Reading Musical Chairs"! This is a great activity to do in your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade classroom. It's perfect for those "off" days where students aren't really ready to pay full a

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Perfect Pumpkin Spice Caramel Apples

It can be tough to make caramel apples where the caramel isn't too rock hard or too drippy. This recipe is absolutely perfect and the pumpkin spice flavor is divine! I also love the @wilton caramel apple supplies, like their extra large treat cups and cute sticks! #sponsored


They (white slave owners) did this all in the name of their "god." Don't get mad, read the bible, it CONDONES slavery & the killing of slaves - Same as Isis' killings in today's world, just a different time period. Still it is a RELIGION giving people the "go ahead" to treat other people like this. Where's the humanity?! Humanity over ancient barbaric horror tales. End religion, believe in loving all humans...just imagine.


I can't stop looking at this awesome pic of Az and Mor by whereisnovember


It is so important to keep parents in the loop, especially regarding their child's reading progress. This product includes letters to send home to parents after testing reading levels. Each letter explains how reading levels are tested, where their child tested, and the expectations for that point in the year.


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"The depth of these chairs, paired with these classic library lamps, have turned this space into the ultimate reading area. It's so easy to curl up with a good book and prop your feet up on the sturdy, yet glamorous, coffee table. It does double duty, which is must for me. I love creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional, where things aren't precious despite their visual appeal." - @SophiaBush #OKLTakeover #SBinside ✨link in profile to shop✨[📷: @treasurbite, design…

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Paper Flowers & How to make Boutonnieres

Welcome to The Series Paper Flowers & How to make Boutonnieres – Part 3. In my previous posts, I shared Jennifer’s Paper Flower 101 & Where to get started and Quynh’s Paper Flower & How to make hops. Today I have another talented paper flower artist that I can’t wait to introduce to you. His name is Gerry and he is our first and so far only male contributor in this series. Now, let’s get started. I’m sure you are very interested in reading his story!


“Fluency Finder” It’s an app for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, where you can list your students and then assess their reading levels. It is a really good idea because the app stores all the information for you, the passages and the information found from the assessment for future viewing and comparing.