A few months ago I wrote a post called, A Simple Explanation Of The Internet Of Things where I tried to provide some clarity around what this new connected world means for all of us. In the article I mentioned some of the driving forces behind this. "Broadband Internet is become more [...]

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This is adorable as I'll get out, but how I wish I was Shemar in these situations!

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Internet Research is a great way for you to work from home! In fact, there are lots of companies who hire freelancers to do their research for them — you just need to know where to look. ways to make money, legitimate work at home jobs #makemoney #workathome

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Digital Citizenship Curriculum Ideas (middle grades).. The best diagram for being safe online."Never be in the red or pink!" This shows that students are not being safe while on the internet. "Go Green!" The green is where all students should be!!

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Secure password. Make new and different password for all the services you use. Simplify the process and increase security by using master password and secure password software.

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Happy Halloween Blurb Kat Shaw is drawn into, a life and death battle, where the shadows hold the creatures of nightmares, and she views death through the eyes of a serial killer. She is stalked by…

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content marketing... finding contentness in my life is the first step to finding inner happiness! Js

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Over the Garden Wall❤ Adelaide Parade: Ohh, we're goin' to the pasture to meet Adelaide and ask 'er If she has a way to send us back where we came from I don't know who she is, Or how she is Or when or why she is, But as for where she is She is where we will go To Adelaide, to Adelaide Come on and join the Adelaide parade Adelaide, to Adelaide We're going to Adelaide's house today

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