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ignore toxic people exactly what i have done what i do i look out for myself I love myself first yet some people just don't get it. I think blocking people is infantile because we both adults and should know where people's boundaries stand and respect that. But now some people just push to the point where that's the only choice! Stay out my life!!!!!!!


Self-development seems to be so hard especially in a world where society is the so called "judges" of what yourself is suppose to be. But that's just it, it's YOUR SELF not society self. Always remember to love yourself and appreciate every small or major accomplishments u make in your.


Being a parent who has lost a child is a lonely road especially as time passes and people think you should be "over" it so they fade away as if to punish you for not being where they think you should be. Hope it never ever happens to them.


Up until recently I haven't felt led by the Holy Spirit to share my illustrated faith journey on social media. When I discovered Bible Journaling last September I was immediately intrigued. I became very passionate about spending time in His Word. As I draw and paint I allow myself to truly meditate on the word. Bible Journaling has literally increased my spiritual growth and knowledge of Gods Word in such a limitless way! So I have decided to share my journey with the hopes that it will…


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