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Caring for Baby Chickens - part of Backyard Chickens 101 Series! Lots of tips on where to buy chickens, what you will need to brood baby chicks, what you need to watch for, and lots of *cute pictures*

2 is where to buy Chickens, Ducks, Goslings, Gamebirds, Call Ducks, and Rare Fowl - including Mallard Ducks, Wyandotte Chickens, Cornish Chickens, Ringneck Pheasant and much more! We have made buying poultry easy!

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Chicken

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Chicken Including Where Your Chicken Comes From

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Ronco ST5500SSGEN - Where to Buy Ronco Rotisserie Oven

Ronco ST5500SSGEN - Where to Buy Ronco Rotisserie Oven - Rotisserie Oven for Chicken, Turkey and other entrees - Precise rotation speed allows self-basting and efficiently circulates heat to cause exc


Have you been to that party? You know the one where the host—let’s call him Innocent Ed—takes a stab at making barbecued chicken. Innocent Ed is a great guy but he is not much of a cook and he sees no use for cookbooks. He figures all guys can grill. It’s part of our genetic code. So Innocent Ed trots off to the market to buy bone-in chicken pieces and some barbecue sauce. Back home, he fires up the coals, taking great delight in the blazing heat. He scatters the raw chicken pieces on the…