"COLUMBUS OHIO MAN HELPS HIS COMMUNITY SAVE MONEY ON HOUSEHOLD EXPENSIVE." Thrift Web Page Shows How Simple Saving Can Be In The Hardest of Economies

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Super cheap jars & bottles made of glass, plastic, tin, or aluminum... many storage possibilities & craft uses. Pantry storage for sure.

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I have been able to buy all of my family's summer clothes, with limited exception, at Good Will. Most everything I wear is/has been recycled. This cuts down on costs and much more environmentally friendly, while giving hope to people who need jobs! Win-Win! I buy furniture here and sand/paint and use it where ever possible. I will post pics of recent finds.

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I Am Obsessed With This Towel! I Even Use It As A Blanket, It's so soft! ♥ Everyone Is Always Asking Where I Got It So I Figured I'd Share! The perfect beach towel for your summer adventures. Save 20% on your first purchase with the "STYLE20" discount code.

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A memorable and meaningful way to include children in your wedding and symbolize the blending of two families. Large capacity vase makes for a stunning presentation and a beautiful keepsake showpiece long after the big day. The set includes a 14.5" tall clear vase jar with lid, and four 6.5" pouring vases. Additional pouring vases are available to include more children, your parents or the officiant. Choose a variety of sand colors www.topweddingsit...

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Buy 2 champagne flutes or wine glasses (mine are from the dollar store). Buy decorative sand and a bottle of modge podge from craft store. Make sure glasses are clean and dry: apply modge podge with a sponge brush where you want sand to be. Sprinkle sand on top of modge podge and let dry. Apply one more coat of modge podge on top of dried sand to keep it in place and give it shine. Hot glue gun starfish, sand dollars or seashells wher you want on the glass. Makes a great wedding gift!

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Inspiration - How to Install Peel and Stick Tiles in a Kitchen Directly Over Existing Tiles? | Smart Tiles

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Outdoor play kitchen. This would be a great opportunity to practice transferring skills. Transferring water from jars to glasses or using spoons and bowls. It will be a perfect introduction to quantity and estimation as well as the notion of "0" (nothing), children love this kind of activities!!

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