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Where Was Elvis Born

January 8, 1935, not long before dawn, Elvis Aaron Presley Detailed information was born. Gladys delivered a second son earlier that morning, a stillborn identical twin named Jesse Garon. Elvis would be their only child


ElvisPresley. If looks could be long gone dead. just gonna say it...SEXYIEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED. ok & he was not to mention THE KING OF ROCK N ROLL. Love all his songs...his looks..everything about him. My fan go to this annual Elvis impersonator every year and It just breaks my heart i wasn't alive when he was =[ Deff one of my favorites. A true Legend!


Natalie Wood and Elvis Presley outside the Hotel Chisca Wednesday October 31, 1956. Elvis had returned earlier in the day from New York where he had made his second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show Sunday (10/28) night.


Elvis Aron Presley--Tupelo, Mississippi We spent Spring Break in Mississippi in 2012 and it was so cool! We had no idea Elvis was birth place was here, so we spent a day walking through the house he was born in, and where he grew up!

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The Most Handsome Men In History

The King....... Need I say more? Erin was so obsessed with Elvis that Graceland was a must on our trip list in 2010.