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My husband and some of my sisters and my aunt and a bunch of people I know have FitBits. They love to compete against each other and compare steps and badges. You can my review of the Fitbit Charge here. But I still don’t have a Fitbit, so I’ve been researching them and I thought you mayContinue


Thyroid Juice Remedy For all of you who wants a healthy functioning thyroid, here's the juice recipe that can help you get that!


Leaf Urban is the world's first wearable that predicts stress. Now you can finally have insight into which parameters create higher stress levels in your life and learn to manage them.

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FitBit Review 2016 (The Answer to “Which FitBit is Right for Me?”)

Fitbit Blaze:


So this week I decided to get a better pulse on my steps and caloric intake needs that I should have a better way to monitor my daily activity. So, I decided it's time to give in to the major trend and purchase a FitBit. I have been trying to avoid this for the longest but in the end, I need it.  So, I began with trying to decide which FitBit would be best to me. There are SOOO many options out there now it's unbelievable. The three that I found were most popular after surveying my…

Which Fitbit is best to buy? Fitbit Flex vs Fitbit Force, One or Zip activity tracker GREAT COMPARISON SIGHT


When you think of losing weight, you'll try anything & everything to do it. Including not eating and binging. Diet pills & fat burners. Crazy fad diets. Things that may work temporarily but won't last long term and can potentially harm you. When you think of gaining health, you'll make smarter choices about what you are eating and drinking. You'll take better care of yourself which includes exercise, better sleep and rest. You'll make it a habit & want to do better because it's for your…