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Fiberon Off-White Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Sheet Bronz

Acrylic Wall Signs with Standoffs | Distinctive Displays with Acrylic and "Stand Off" Wall Mounts


Nancy 535 Shiny White Mirror

The Nancy 535 Shiny White Mirror features extra-soft lines for a contemporary look.  The shiny white shelves function as wall pockets or storage trays. This set includes: 2 mirrors, 2 shelves, 2 hooks White acrylic sheet shelves, bevel shaped mirrors, metal hooks Dimensions: volume of mirrors in photograph l 110-140, h 75 cm; shelves l 110-140 x p 30 x h 10-20 cm Please allow 2-3 weeks for hsipipng.

Lightbox for tracing or Tracingbox 2. DIY. Tutorial 2 is included. This box is slightly smaller. That makes it easier to storage and you can use an White Acrylic Sheet that is only 3 mm thick. Don't use a clear sheet, which will dazzle you. On the bottom you can put some tinfoil for reverberation. Works also fine without it. 't HobbyHoees 03 april 2016