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White Cats

9 hours ago

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DuskStar, Leader, she-cat, Mate is DarkThorn, three kits, very friendly and helpful, very good at being leader.

White Maine Coon. My goodness when I saw this white Coon cat I could not believe it. What an amazing cat ! ! Stunning! !

Black cat: relax my darling!!!! White cat: I love you sweets!!!

Beautiful black and white cat with Heart ♥

Black cat pattern on white cat

Color Splash | Galeria de fotos para tu blog o webpage

Odd-eyed white cat fine art photography, 8x12 art print - art print, pet photography on Etsy, $34.66

Turkish Angora Cat History Click the picture to read "This is what my cat MrRyan is...his hair is fine and soft like Angoran. He looks just like this but has very light tan spot on his back and around his ears/eyes over white." ~MeMi

"I believe cat's to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through." --Jules Verne

~~ this little sweetheart reminds me of my Boots(ie) ~ when she was small ~ she's a "big girl" now ~ a long haired Norwegian forest cat ~ who just luv's to F L Y !! ~~ ~~wk~~

This is a beautiful Tumble site with amazing photographs arranged by color. HIGHLY inspirtional! MonaRaeBeads.etsy...

black and white Such a beautiful cat. Happy Sunday to all. Drink lots of coffee and pin away.

╰☆ All Things {WHITE} ☆╮ ***Persian Cat by Jing Shen on 500px

white cat on bed

Cat and Kitten Territorial Marking Problems and Solutions - Cat Pet Care Corner - PetSolutions

I've got a secret ~ no, I really can't tell! (even if I wanted to.........) oh, I really want a kitten!!!!!!

comfy little white kitten - so sweet! | Fröken Knopp : En (s)Katt...

"People that hate cats will come back as mice in their next lives." --Faith Resnick

♥♥♥ Beautiful White Cat with Blue Eyes.....✞ The Voice of Truth ✞

Not sure what this particular breed of cat is, but it sure does look a lot my handsome devil cat, Sir Oliver!

beautiful white cat. | Cute as a Kitten ♥♥)

Kelly-this is for you and your new cat! Notice the white should probably read this too.....

"I'm not turnin' around till I smell the salmon I asked fur in my dish."

Baba ~ Do you care about life and animals? you will be under my wing and protection for eternity, love is all with intelligence and will you can make it 2 freedom go vegan and stop pollution with renewable energies that won't cost money, www.ninaohmanarts...

The Human might be asking the cat-"What do you want", and by the cat expression he might say "Oh nothing", just looking"