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Dido - White Flag. This was always a favorite of mine. The fact that David Boreanaz is in the video only confirms it.


We must not forget David Boreanaz was in this Dido video for the song White Flag. Wonders if this is on this board already,


Is surrendering true surrender if all we have is one choice? Is surrendering easier when we’re demanded to and are left with no other options whatsoever? What if we were able to rebel instead? Then, even though forced to surrender, we’d know deep down in our heart we never actually surrendered at all.

from TPM

Mysterious White Flags Fly Atop The Brooklyn Bridge (PHOTOS)

Police were investigating Tuesday morning why two white flags had mysteriously replaced the American flags that typically sit atop the Brooklyn Bridge.

from NY Daily News

EXCLUSIVE: Pot activist claims he’s behind Brooklyn Bridge’s white flags

EXCLUSIVE: Marijuana activist claims he’s behind white flags on Brooklyn Bridge

It is hard to know when to hold his feet to the fire and when to let things go; when to teach, and when to let him learn on his own. This time, I surrendered and the world did not come to an end. Instead, I could breath again, and so could he.Sassy Aspie Mom: Sometimes you have to throw up the white flag and ...