I like the structure, maybe leave open and put fabric panels up in the summer. (front patio garden). More

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Add beautiful white flowers to your garden, they will make your garden glow at night and provide the perfect foil for all the brightly colored blooms. FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

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Edelweiss lavender...could do this across the front of the house in front of the little hedge...

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White forget-me-nots, tulips, daisies and money plant combine with hostas and silvery astelia foliage in this spring garden

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Wisteria hanging in sheer curtains, draping over the trees and the supports. Letting the mind feel the joy of it's sheer loveliness

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One of my favorite fall garden plants is the showy Clematis paniculata(C. terniflora). Not only does this beauty cover my old fence boards with hundreds of star shaped white blossoms, it also fills the late summer air with a sweet fragrance.

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Plant your own Moonlight Garden - This selection of spectacular, bright white blooms gleams among shimmering silver foliage in a rich tapestry of contrasting textures.

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