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white lives AND black lived matter. one should not be focus over the other. however when a black man kills a white man, the story never makes it to the public eye. WHEN ITS THE OTHER WAY AROUND the story gets EVERYWHERE. I'm not saying all blacks and killers and I'm not saying all white are killers because those statements would be incorrect. what pisses me off the most is ignorant people who say "yes all lives matter but we're focusing on the ones in danger" all lives are in danger you…

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this so-called progressive liberalism is a hate crime! It has cultivated this culture, that leaves America divided, and races fooled into believing that it is one another they are up against.

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United we stand, divided we fall! All American lives matter! All for one and one for all! This is a nice sentiment, but how realistic is it really? If only it could be this way, but . . .

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#BLACKlivesmatter - urgently and without derailing from the reasons Human rights ambassadors change the world, become on at

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