U.S. Air Force aircraft drops a white phosphorus bomb on a Viet Cong postion in 1966. [1800 x 1398]

A WHITE PHOSPHORUS BURST during bombardment of German emplacements.

Israeli use of the illegal chemical weapon "white phosphorous," whose effects are horrifically sadistic and virtually impossible to treat. "Ghada Abu Halima, 21, who was gravely injured by IDF white phosphorus in Gaza. Abu Halima later died of her wounds (photo: Muhammad Sabah / B'tselem)

The US forces are reportedly using white phosphorus munitions against Islamist militants in Iraq, despite widespread perception of the weapon as indiscriminate and able to cause horrific injuries to civilians.

Half of the GAZA city is now covered with white phosphorus gas which is illegal to use in wars but there is no one to stop israeli

To all Israelis: Never let ANYBODY accuse you of war crimes again. When they start blathering about white phosphorus, tell them to cram it sideways.

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