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This is the ideal setting for the scene of the white rabbit. The white rabbit in the recent movie of Alice in Wonderland by Disney depicts the white rabbit panicking about the time in a garden where is has more of a happy tone. This version creates a eerie effect on the viewers, just like the rest of the movie. If it was a happy tone than it would throw off all of the characters especially for the role of Mad Hatter due to his personality off screen.

from Odyssey

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During a break in the recording sessions, Ed Wynn ad libbed the speech where the Mad Hatter tries to “fix” the White Rabbit’s watch. (“Muthtard? Leth not be thilly!”) Walt Disney, who was listening in a nearby sound booth, saw that the recording tape was still recording Wynn’s speech. He told the sound technicians, “Hey, that stuff’s pretty funny. Why don’t you use that speech in the movie?”


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