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Who Invented French Fries

from NY Daily News

France or Belgium: Who invented french fries?

Are french fries really "French"? Belgium and France both claim to have invented them!

Today I found out about the history of French fries. Exactly who introduced these golden strips of goodness to the world isn’t entirely known.  Among the various theories, it’s generally accepted that the French fry was invented by either the Belgians or the French. Potatoes were first introduced to Europe not through the French or Belgians, but through the Spanish.  [...]

Curly Fries at Hooters The Debate- Who Really Invented the French-Flemish Fry?

I once met this Belgian kid who was so mad that French fries were called French fries bc they were actually invented in Belgium by a Belgian like if you said "French fries" he would shout "THEYRE BELGIAN"


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Who invented the French fry (and who does it best)?


for the one's who are obsessd with french fries ... this is the right choise *.*

from thrillist

This country actually invented French fries, and it wants them back

15 Foods You Thought Were Vegetarian But Are Not! Sometimes I think we take things too far, and too seriously. W/E I'm not giving up cheese.

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White Bean and Rosemary Dip

What Country Invented French Fries?