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"Asherah is a tree Goddess worshipped by the ancient Jews. She was likely the spouse of Yahweh & closely related to Athirat of the Canaanites; Her name means 'She Who Walks Upon the Sea', as does Athirat's. She can be shown either as a woman or a tree flanked by animals, billy goats or lions, in the old Eastern motif of Mistress of the Animals; She carries wheat sheaves as an emblem of fertility and nourishment. Behind Her is the green of the sunlit Garden."


Rudyard Kipling, Freemason


What if Snow White doesn't have fair skin. What if she's brown - a Jew and not German? What if it's her innocent glow that makes her white... incandescence? What if Father Grimm messed up with time to mess up with history - hid this princess in his lifetime to tell a tale of cruelty. Such macabre! The Grimm Brothers knew her existence. Snow White is more than just a fairytale... she's as real as the air you breathe. I know I don't make sense, just like Britney Spears in "If You Seek Amy".


Adonis in Greek and Roman mythology a youth of remarkable beauty who died and was reborn. Description from I searched for this on

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The Effect of Nazism on Norse Mythology

The (Devastating) Effect of Nazism on Norse Mythology


Magic: the Gathering - Royal Assassin - Magic 2012 by Wizards of the Coast…

A German resistance heroine - Maria von Maltzan protected her Jewish lover and found ways to defy the gestapo


Esther (5th century BCE) became the wife of Persian King Ahasuerus. Esther’s predecessor was deposed for disobeying the king’s drunken whim; Esther herself risks execution merely by approaching the king unbidden. Ahasuerus approves his advisor's plan to exterminate the Jews in the Persian Empire. Esther—whose own Jewish background had been a secret until then—brilliantly maneuvered the king into reversing his decree and saving the Jews. Her victory is commemorated every year at Purim.


The Golem is an old Jewish legend; a sort of fairy tale about an old wizard who brings to life a man made of clay to protect the children of Prague. This movie captures the creepiness of a medieval ghetto.