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I agree and I share: WE WON'T BE RECONSTRUCTED AND WE REALLY DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF YOU'RE OFFENDED. I have yet to hear of any jet planes firing up for those who said they'd leave if Trump won. Wow such drama they threw.

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She never even said his name but we all knew who she was talking about. So did his supporters, which I find ironic. They claim what she said wasn't true, but they knew who she was referring to....

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Only a tyrant pursues revenge. | In an interview airing Tuesday on "Erin Burnett Outfront," Branson said he first met Trump years ago for lunch and that Trump focused on five people who refused to help him after his company filed for bankruptcy. Branson said Trump "spent the rest of his lunch telling me how he was going to spend the rest of his life destroying those five people," which Branson found "very bizarre."

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why was this even created? Who ever even said people aren't cool who are named bob? what is the inTERNET

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"They said, "Be the person you needed as a kid" this honestly changed me into who I am today."

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Lol... she was a women who said what she thought. I respect her for that.

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Wow shid is finna pop! Trump is not playing when he said he was gonna make amerikkka great again

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"When she'd forgotten who she was before they said who she should be."

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