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Who Wrote Psalms

I believe that as you spend time in God's word you will find fresh strength and courage for your day. The psalmist who wrote Psalms 88 must have…


Christian book about woman who wrote out Psalm 23 and how it changed 12 ives when they found it ending up back with her son. 20th November 2016 Book Club

Who Wrote the Book of Psalms? By Levi Greenberg. I was always under the impression that King David was the author of the book of Psalms (Tehillim). But as I read through the psalms, I saw that many of them are attributed to other composers: Moses, Asaph, Heiman, and others. What’s the deal?

David wrote Psalm 61 after he began to guide Israel as king. He remained dependent on his faith while he led, recognizing that God provides every rock and shield, every victory, every moment of redemption. David was not a biblical "character." He was God's real, flesh and blood, anointed man, who understood his weaknesses and who agonized with prophets who wept. And God had him father Abraham's inheritance, people of faith who would birth our Savior (God with us) and begin growing His…

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Thoughts on Today’s Verse ~ Asaph who wrote this psalm was one of David’s worship leaders in the tabernacle choir. He was a skilled singer and a poet, and although a man of faith, who acknowledged that God is good to Israel and to all who are pure of heart.. Asaph became discouraged and found that his faith wavered when he constantly saw how wicked men seemed to prosper and get away with all sorts of evil practices. [...]