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The Whole 30

The Whole 30Something time. Lets do this again! GeeWiz, gotta stick with it beyond 30 days, I have completed this once, but slid back when I began the reintroductory process. Have the book, we can do this, its good for us♡♡♡June


Your First Whole 30, Part 2: Prepping & Stocking Your Kitchen

Did you miss Part 1 of my “Your First Whole 30” series? Don’t worry, you can check it out here! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the New York Times Bestselling Book, It Starts With Food, here! Earlier I talked about how to prepare YOURSELF and get ready for tackling your very own [...]


It Starts With Food Gets a Makeover | Whole9 ... LOVE the original book. The look of it was aimed at a specific audience. This is just a little more user-friendly/cleaner for the average Joe. And the rule changes: White potatoes now OK, as is table salt.


Things The Whole 30 Books Don't Tell You - Preparation

Thinking about starting the Whole 30? Here are some Things The Whole30 Books Don't Tell You about preparing foods, cleaning out your pantry and buying groceries for the Whole 30.