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Erica Bohrer's First Grade: Bright Polka Dot Classroom Decor: Updates

Free Download that goes with the Whole Body Listening Larry Books www.socialthinkin...


How Do We Listen? Whole body listening!

Be a Whole Body Listener Poster - classroom collective

Whole Body Listening activity

Great idea for helping kids to monitor for how well they're regulating/listening to the group dynamic - a la Whole Body Listening Larry.

Great whole body listening chart using Pete the Cat. from Prayers & Purple Elephants

Sesame Street: Cookie's Crumby Pictures- The Biscotti Kid (Karate Kid Parody)- This is hilarious- must use with Whole Body Listening and Social Thinking!

This Emotions Scavenger Hunt is a great way to build emotional awareness, perspective taking, whole body listening and social skills. By focusing on other people in a relaxed environment it takes the pressure off by eliminating the need to interact while experiencing the various feelings that need to be explored, recognized and defined

Whole Body Listening Larry’s Brain is Out of the Group! | AUsomely Social

Erica Bohrer's First Grade: Bright Polka Dot Classroom Decor: Updates

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen - Perfect for teaching whole body listening at the beginning of the school year!

Is Your Brain In The Group? Lesson ideas inspired by Michelle Garcia Winner's book Think Social. Includes descriptions and student examples of 2 different ideas for teaching students about whole body listening.

Erica Bohrer's First Grade: Back to School Activities - Free Sample and Whole Body Listening Download!

Whole Body Listening Learning to listen!

Whole Body Listening Trailer - YouTube

whole body listening on Vimeo

Whole Body Listening Larry: www.socialthinkin...

Whole body listening video clip

Weekly schedule for all the components of whole body listening. Enjoy! Cristina Galdona, MS, CCC-SLP

Get yours now for Back to School! This 29 pg. packet is perfect for setting up classroom expectations at the beginning of the year and for being a visual reminder throughout the rest of the year. Whole Body Listening is an important skill to teach!

NEW: The Parts of a Listener... Great visual for Whole Body Listening! Goes with the Whole Body Listening Larry Books. Join us: www.facebook.com/...

"Give Me Five" and "Whole Body Listening" are powerful classroom behavior management strategies to get the attention of your students immediately. This is a set of posters to help you use these attention grabber signals using engaging visuals. Includes 2 color and 2 blackline masters.

Whole Body Listening