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I remember asking God one day “why me?” I always felt like I was under attack. Then one day I realised that I needed to thank God for what was about to happen in my life, as the enemy was trying to turn me away from Christ, so I wouldn’t receive the blessing. No matter what happens, no one should be able to take away your joy. So stay strong and faithful in Gods promises. The armour of God will always protect you but remember that when being attacked…victory is already ours!

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I asked God:"Why are you taking me through troubled waters?", He replied: "Because your enemies can't swim"

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Some ppl will never understand me or why I have or do the things I've done/do... U couldn't walk a mile in my shoes... Don't judge... I really don't do half the stuff ppl probably think I do but the stuff I do do it's a reason for it no excuse it is what it is ya know

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