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Wide Nails

Pink and grey valentine - Nail Art Gallery

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Nail Art Design Ideas #nail #nails

Yikes! Those wide square nails are hideous, but I love the design!! Grey and yellow 3-d flowers - Nail Art Gallery

  • Jennifer&Harold Schwartz

    I love the wide nails.. not everyone is the same.. we all like different things.. how dull would life be if we all did... no thanks. Ill take my life with the not so common

  • Courtney Blaziek

    There called flair nails also duck nails....

  • Crack Fox

    Good for you Olivia've got talent...ignore the pointless negativity!

  • Christina Crues

    Yes very tacky shape

  • rachel barrows

    I learned to shape the tip in the same width of the cuticle in school but there was a caveat that whatever the client wanted they got: even shovel nails, but no one ever requested it in Maine.

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Make the best of your nail shape : a must-have guide for those of us with short fingers and wide fingernails.

Solution for wide, short nail beds

Pink and leopard - Nail Art Gallery

Jamberry nail wraps! www.JABBYNAILS.ja...

Glam Radar | 10 Cute and Easy Nail Designs Ideas

I like the hot pink with zebra but don't like how flared these nails are

I dont like the tip this wide but love the pink bed and white love it

Pink, leopard accent duck / wide tip nails

If You Are In Need Of a Pro Photographer Open To All Art, My Work's Have Been Awarded World Wide Over 20Yrs, Send a Emile, Truly Steve Augle,

wide Nails | nails nail art flare nails fan nails bow cute

I love the design, not so much the ugly duck feet nails. I agree with the above statement

A fun and easy craft! Imagine the possibilities and the accessories you can make with the wide array of nail polish available! You can accessorize EVERY outfit! I wish I could take credit for coming up with idea, but there are some other very creative people on YouTube that I came across. I apologize because I had no idea until my nails we...

  • Linda Lindley

    Oh I just love the ones you've made, especially the one you put the foil behind the colors. That ones so pretty! Made me want to run down to the craft store to get what I needed to make some!!!

purple and white checkered flare nails #wide #french mani & pedi

Put each letter in its own text box. Offset each one by .01 then manually "link" together. Weld. Set the speed to 1. 1/2 inch seemed to be the right size; 3/4 in was too wide. Have fun picking out the pieces. ;) ~MC 600×1,600 pixels

Wide plank wood floor.

AAAHHHH!! These are horrifying!!! Seriously, who thinks this looks good. Ugh I'll stick to my natural nails thanks

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Essie and O.P.I. are already prime drugstore buys, but the $8 bottles can add up quickly. Sinful Colors retails for closer to $2, has similar wear, and comes in a wide range of colors.

black wide brim hat

DIY Donut Sunglasses. You Need: Round Sunglasses with a Wide Rim, Nail Polish in Various Donut + Sprinkle Colors, Toothpicks. Paint the entire rim of your sunglasses with your donut color. Do two coats. Use your frosting color to paint on some frosting! Again, two coats might be necessary depending on your polish and color. Let dry. Carefully paint on some sprinkles. Dip a toothpick in the polish and use that to make the sprinkles. Let dry.

love this shape of nails. is it squoval? what is this and how do you shape your nail like this!?! (and can I do my names like this with my short and wide nail beds?) hair-beauty

China Glaze is definitely one of our top nail polish brands around here. With the versatility, wearablity and wide range of colors, and textures, there's no way you can go wrong with this brand. Plus, they are way cheaper then opi, butter london, zoya, etc. China Glaze #nails #nailpolish #glitter