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Wifi Mesh

from Design Milk

Eero May Be the Next Nest, But For Wi-Fi

The first all-in-one wi-fi router, repeater, and range extender simplifies setting up dead zone free wireless network to plug-and-play.


WiFi mesh network LE bulbs: Hacking into Internet Connected Light Bulbs - WiFi + 6LowPAN connected LED bulbs had data vulnerability - now fixed

Plume Home Wifi Mesh Network - Home Web Design


How to build a DIY WiFi mesh-net appliance with offshore VPN tunnel using Freifunk software and cheap hardware

from Consumer Reports

WiFi Face-Off: Orbi vs. eero vs. Luma

Mesh networks have been all the buzz in router technology this year. Consumer…

A wireless Arduino-compatible microcontroller with WiFi, mesh networking, and rechargeable battery. A real-time, streaming REST API. Web-connected right out of the box.