every time. ^^^ That's why I have my Wii U in my room...PLENTY O SPACE!!!!!

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#Videogiochi #4: WII Sports Resort + WII Motion Plus

Nintendo Wii Golf Kit with Sound Plus and Compatible with Wii Motion Plus- White

Wii MotionPlus - http://astore.amazon.com/gamesandvideogames-20/detail/B001TOQ8NO

Clear Wii Motion Plus Controller Silicone Skin Case - Wii

Wii Motion Plus Attachment for Original Wii Remote (Retail Packaging) (Video Game) http://amaz-store.blogspot.com

Wii Remote Plus (White) - AU$66.00 the original #Wii #Remote with Wii Motion Plus functionality built in. buy #WiiU #accessories at @brutaldeluxegc

Wii Motion Plus - Black (Bulk Packaging)

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