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Weekly Inspiration 4

“@Станислав Шитенко Temelkov Wild: Gorgeous red fox” magnificent creature...

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Amazing Wild Animal Pictures - 40 Pics

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16 Adorable Animals With Their Babies

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Random Inspiration 141

.[Extremely Rare Golden Tiger] * * TIGER: Wut be the difference dat me be rare? Me world, me Earth be a ruin. A planet spoiled by de human species"

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Snow Leopards, Snow Leopard Pictures, Snow Leopard Facts

Not a snow leopard. This is a yellow African leopard that has been photoshopped. They can be yellow or black, but not white. And adults don't have blue eyes. *this is now gaby speaking* yeah they can have blue eyes, it's just uncommon and yes they used photoshop to make the coat lighter*

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PHOTOS: ZooBorns' 25 Cutest Baby Animals

I like this photo because of the cool composition of the panther holding its baby

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