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Wild Birds Unlimited: Seeds that birds want and don't want

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Wild Birds Unlimited: Hand blown glass hummingbird feeder

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Using a suet feeder as a simple fruit feeder to attract #Orioles... #birding

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Wild Birds Unlimited | Squirrel Resistant Feeders | Barrie, ON

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Nesting ball for goldfinches of soft cottons, hair, milkweed, thistle, or cattail fluff.

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My nearly completed "Advanced Pole System"- all but some of the feeders are from Wild Birds Unlimited. I bought the pieces separately to customize it, but a basic setup (1 48" base pole w. auger, 1 48" extension pole, stabilizer, double crook arm and chickadee finial) is $76.99. Of course, I added a bunch of other things :)

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Chickadees love peanuts! This will accommodate all of your nut-eating birds, such as chickadees, woodpeckers and nuthatches.

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Water Wiggler - This is a bird bath MUST HAVE. Keeps mosquitoes from laying eggs AND attracts birds!

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Feeding Wild Birds in Winter | Wild Birds Unlimited: December 2012

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photo comparison of House Finches v. Purple Finches. Distinguishing marks on Purple Finches: look for small sagittal crest on males and white eyebrow strip on females.

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