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David Bowie - "Wild Is The Wind" THE MOST beautiful song EVER written! This song makes me melt when I listen to it. (promo ad only a few seconds before video starts).


<b>39. 'Wild Is The Wind' (1976)</b>. With his album 'Pin-Ups', Bowie paid tribute to his favourite bands of the previous decade by covering their songs. Released three years later, 'Wild Is The Wind' – formerly recorded by Johnny Mathis and Nina Simone – would have stuck out like Ziggy at a funeral on that LP. In Bowie's hands, the winsome, delicate track twists like a snake around a branch.


Meteor Crater, also known as Barringer Crater and Canyon Diablo Canyon, in Cococino County, Arizona. Caused around 50,000 years ago by a meteor impact. To the right or west is the intermittent stream of Diablo Canyon. Shot flying west from Newark (EWR) to Los Angeles (LAX).


Equine Actor. He was thought to be the most popular horse in the country during the 1950s. He held the title role on the popular NBC Saturday morning television series Fury, which was also broadcast around the world. Registered at birth with the name of Highland Dale, he also starred in the movies, Black Beauty, Brave Stallion, Gypsy Colt, Wild is the Wind, The Return of Wildfire, and Giant with Elizabeth Taylor. He won several Patsy Awards.


pp: "I'll hold on to that fragile slice of hope and keep it close [...] Because there's an awful lot of gray to work with. No one can live in the light all the time."