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Scientists raised endangered coral species in the lab

Scientists raised endangered coral species in the lab Elkhorn is a critical reef-building species in the Caribbean and the fact that its endangered proves that our coral reefs are in huge trouble. In an effort to help the planets reefs recover SECORE International grew Elkhorns in the lab four years ago which have now reached sexual maturity. Instead of snapping off pieces of coral from the wild to induce asexual reproduction the team waited until its time for the species to release…

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Gridiron Stainless Steel Dining Table

Gridiron Stainless Steel Dining Table - Modway Furniture - $903 -

Films Roots Photo - Dingle, Kerry, Ireland - Homage to Fungie - Fungie is a mature male bottlenose d... 390328320244148


Modway Gridiron Large Wood Inlay Bench EEI-1430-WAL - Modway Gridiron Large Wood Inlay Bench EEI-1430-WALThe conduit design of this Gridiron series installment artfully blends stainless steel tubing with mahogany varnished poplar wood slats. Modernism used to be about extremes. Wild shapes and patterns that don't dare resemble its predecessors. We've reached an age of maturity of sorts. We appreciate style, but all the more, we respect those designs that represent a blending of cultures…

Porcini mushrooms are an edible wild mushroom whose fruitbody can be described as having a dense, white stipe (stem) that will turn yellow-brown with age. It has a large cap that is pale to rust brown and continues to darken as it matures. At maturity the cap is three to ten inches broad and has a slightly sticky feel. The cap's underside contains tubes, rather than gills. Its flavor is nutty and slightly meaty, with a smooth, creamy texture. This mushroom emits a yeasty aroma reminiscent of…


Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream: Rose oil and wild Rose hip extract envelop the skin with a protective nurturing film. This rich, beautifully scented cream, with the extract of over 1,075 organic Rose petals in each tube, strengthens the skin and soothes redness and couperose conditions. The skin is encouraged to repair and restore itself as well as being calmed and smoothed.


THE EGYPTIAN (1954 movie 2.20.01 hr) starring Jean Simmons, Michael Wilding, Gene Tierney, Victor Mature (story of an ancient empire rocked by a new religion)