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Will Uk Leave Eu

rather than letting them be singular; EU doesn't bring Peace, the EU does not bring prosperity, the EU and Euro area is on the verge of collapse, the sooner we LEAVE that bilious atmosphere the faster our recovery will be


Christmas in London is a time of great festivity, with lights making the city bright and markets filling squares and parks. It's a great time to visit the British capital and get into the seasonal spirit!

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How Will Brexit Affect UK Travel?

Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, what will the effects be on travelers?

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Dyson: EU exit will 'liberate' UK economy

Dyson: EU exit will 'liberate' UK economy - BBC News

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Brexit tax: Brits will pay 11% more for an iPhone 7

Due to the UK leaving the EU, Brexit want Brits to pay more for the new iPhone 7. The cheapest one, the 32GB iPhone 7, will cost 599 pounds ($799), that's a 11% price hike compared to the iPhone 6s which was 539 pounds. The reason is the 11% collapse in value of the pound compared to the US dollar because of leaving the EU in June.

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Why Britain Voted to Leave the EU - Bloomberg QuickTake

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Theresa May will trigger Brexit negotiations without Commons vote

#British PM to trigger #Brexit without #vote by lawmakers...

It does seem more & more likely the UK government has been bought out. The super rich want more control of things & they continue to get the policies they want despite the electorate voting against them. Now a govt report says so many Muslim women are unemployed because of Islamophobia !!

Image copyright EPA Theresa May is to meet European Council President Donald Tusk for the first time since becoming UK prime minister later, with Brexit on the agenda. In talks at Downing Street, Mrs May will say the UK will continue to play a full role in the EU until it leaves. It comes as EU leaders, excluding the UK, prepare to meet next week to sketch out the bloc'

Image caption Mr Johnson was a key campaigner for Leave side in the EU Referendum campaign The UK will “probably” begin formal negotiations to leave the European Union early in 2017, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has told the BBC. The foreign secretary said it was still “subject for discu...