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Griddled sea bass with stuffed courgettes, tomatoes, olives and basil

William Drabble shares his sunny Mediterranean sea bass recipe, inspired by his travels in the region.


Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries

Chocolate glaze for Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries. For the glaze: 280ml of water 360g of caster sugar 120g of cocoa powder 210ml of cream 8 gelatine leaves. Bring water, sugar, cocoa and cream to the boil. Remove from heat and add gelatine previously soften. Whisk and strain and keep in a warm place until use.


Poached lobster tail with cauliflower and butter sauce

Lobster tail is poached in succulent stock in this recipe by William Drabble. Caramelised and puréed cauliflower round out this delicious lobster recipe.


Roast grouse with blackberries and port wine jus

Although game is most closely associated with autumn and winter, this dish from William Drabble is best served in late August when the grouse is still young and tender and blackberries are just coming into season. The tangy fruit complements the rich meat wonderfully and this grouse recipe is a fine way to bid farewell to summer.


Slow cooked turkey leg, pancetta, wild mushrooms and baby vegetables

This warming turkey leg recipe from William Drabble flavours the turkey meat with a piquant Pommery mustard sauce. If you can't get Pommery, good quality wholegrain mustard will work just as well. Pancetta and mushrooms add a moreish taste to the slow-cooked turkey, which can be served with some creamy mash or enjoyed with wild rice or brown bread.

Victoria sponge cupcakes

Victoria sponge cupcakes - William Drabble. William Drabble reimagines victoria sponge in cupcake form, complete with a decoration of fresh berries. This dazzling recipe is perfect for kids and can be achieved in under an hour


Ham hock cooked in pilsner with honey and ginger

William Drabble serves up an impressive ham hock recipe, glazed in a sticky Pilsner, honey and ginger glaze


Beetroot chutney

William Drabble's beetroot chutney recipe is a handy one to add to your repertoire - flavoured with dill seeds and packed with beetroot.