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Captain William Kidd: Captain William Kidd (1645-1701). Captain Kidd had a license from Lord Bellomont, the governor of New England and New York, and King William III of England to hunt down pirates and capture French ships.


“I live in pittsfield massachusetts berkshire county. for several years i have been searching for captain william kidds cache. i took a photo at 12 at night. of a cave entrance in the complete darkness. first picture showed an orb the second showed this image. my camera stopped functioning after this photo and i needed to buy a new one. it appears to be a head or it appears to be a headless man.”


A rogue's gallery: famous British pirates

Captain William Kidd, the notorious Scottish pirate. Born, probably in Dundee, around the year 1645, Commissioned by King William III to attack pirates in the Indian Ocean, but secretly allowed to attack French merchantmen, Kidd was disowned by the establishment at his trial. Kidd was hanged on Execution Dock, in London's docklands on the banks of The Thames. Kidd became a legendary figure. My Great grandmother was Elizabeth Kidd born 1833... her father Robert Kidd... still looking at…