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William morris facts

William Morris; born in 1834 (died in 1896) was an English artist, poet and politician. He was incredibly creative and he produced decorative art in a range of different forms, including: textiles, furniture, wallpaper, stained glass windows, book design and tapestry.

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Featured: William Morris Brother Rabbit Tiles. Morris tooks his inspiration for Brother Rabbit from the Brer Rabbit stories in Joel Chandler Harris's Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings . In fact, William Morris released the Brother Rabbit design on wallpaper and fabric in 1882, a little more than a year after Brer Rabbit made his debut in the United States.

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... Red House got to do with the price of wool?". Well quite a lot in fact, for it was built by William Morris, the father of the English arts & crafts ...

William Morris's name and reputation are indissolubly linked to wallpaper design, but there is a tendency to over-estimate the influence he had in this field, at least in his own lifetime. In fact, despite his much repeated belief in 'art for all', his wallpapers, like most of the products of Morris & Co., were hand-made and expensive, and consequently had a relatively limited take-up.