Symptoms of Wilson Disease Accumulation copper in body, symptoms not evident during birth but after 20-30 yrs. Mostly neurological, hepatic, renal, psychiatric & haematological signs. Copper collects in brain, cognitive deterioration, psychosis, depression, behavioral changes, seizures & migraine occur. Hepatic symptoms include cirrhosis, acute hepatitis, jaundice & liver failure.Golden-brown deposits in cornea, called Kayser-Fleischer rings. Hemolysis is also observed as RBC's damaged by…

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Panda sign Wilson disease: CNS manifestations | Radiology Reference Article |

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Wilson’s Disease: What Are The Causes And Symptoms? know more :

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Kayser–Fleischer ring: copper deposition around the iris indicates high levels of copper. Consider Wilson's disease. #clinicalfindings #wilsonsdisease

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