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Wind built

How I home-built an electricity producing Wind turbine It was easy. You can do it too

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Raspberry supports

The first picture shows a traditional raspberry support. This is a well established row of berries and the supports do well until the wind blows the wrong direction. If the wind is blowing hard in ...

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Tall Ship in Heavy Wind. The Pamir was built in 1905 for a Hamburg shipping company. Flying P-Liners and was therefore traditionally baptized into one with "P" name starting on the Central Asian Pamir Mountains.

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Handmade Arts and Crafts from the Historic Roanoke City Market

Share Tweet Pin Mail I love going down to visit our local city market on Saturdays. We have such a wonderful array of artists, ...

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Top Fathers Day Gift Ideas for DIY Dads

This is pretty much what we did for our fire pit outside, only the front of ours was 1 brick lower and curved out towards us, making the whole thing the shape of a circle. Those "castle bricks" we used are amazing at holding and reflecting the heat.

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How To Feng Shui Your Home For Better Balance

glass wall in "earthship" Earthship Biotecture An Earthship is a 'new' kind of building, a new kind of architecture defined by the following 6 principles: - Thermal/Solar Heating Cooling - Solar Wind Electricity - Contained Sewage Treatment - Built with Natural Recycled Materials - Water Harvesting - Food Production

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