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Italian Winemakers Look Toward the Past

These wine styles are coming back. Col Fondo. Sulle Bucce. Amphora. ...


NV Ferrari Brut. Trento.

Ginger Beer Tutorial (with video)

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The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Soup With Wine & Beer: INFOGRAPHIC

The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Soup With Wine And Beer - Infographic



After 7 days your brew should be ready for bottling. Take a bucket or any other container and cover it with a cheese cloth or clean dishcloth. I discovered something called mutton cloth and it works really well. Securely fasten the cloth with string. Put the bucket under your fermentation tank and drain your brew through the cloth.If the bucket becomes full, transfer the liquid to the plastic bottles using a funnel. I use 2 liter bottles and fill it to where the neck part starts. After bottling, fermentation continues. If you want to vent the bottles from time to time or open a bottle to drink, this space will allow you some time to control the venting. Otherwise the brew will just explode out like a geyser.After bottling, screw on the caps tightly. I leave the bottles outside for another few days to continue fermenting and only put it ...

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Red Wine and Beer Braised Short Ribs

Red Wine and Beer Braised Short Ribs | Art and the Kitchen -one of my Top 10 ultimate comfort food recipes.


3 Gallon Starter Wine Making Equipment Kit - GLASS $59.95 This site has tons of good tips and products for homemade wine and beer brews.