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Mayado es una empresa situada en la provincia de Zamora y dedicada a la importación, exportación y distribución de los mejores vinos de Europa.En este proyecto nos encontramos ante uno de los problemas gráficos más difíciles de solventar. La idea inic…


Product Name: Quara Estate Bottled Torrontes Appelation: Cafayate, Salta Variety: Wine Country of origin: Argentina The wine may not leave the premises at any time during its production. If a winery wanted to use the word "estate" on their label, they wouldn't be able to use an off-site crush facility, for example. Gold Medal – Argentina Wine Awards 2007. Silver Medal – Argentina Wine Awards 2008. Looking for Wine Distributors.


There's nothing festive about sipping pesticides, and that's exactly what you're risking when reaching for a glass of non-organic wine. A 2008 study conducted by Pesticide Action Network Europe found measurable levels of pesticide residues in 100 percent of nonorganic wine tested. One bottle contained 10 different pesticides! If you're gifting wine, opt for certified organic from America's first organic winery, Frey Vineyards!

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Mistral Wine Store / Studio Arthur Casas

RETAIL/SENSORY INSIRATION Mistral Wine- The wine distributor Mistral presented Studio Arthur Casas with the challenge of creating a store that would innovate…the store uses touch-screen tables to project contextual content. Showcasing about 23 wines per month, the tables recognis sensors underneath each bottle – presenting a selection of information such as interviews with producers, terroir maps, ingredients lists and tasting notes


El Mundo del Vino is the largest wine store and wine distributor in Chile and one of Southamerica. Description from I searched for this on


Vila Viniteca is one of Spain’s most famous wine distributors and well-known all over Europe. The shop along the charming Carrer dels Agullers was founded in 1932 and used to supply local restaurants. Now it is stocked with hundreds of wines and a large selection of cheese and Ibérico ham. Sit down and enjoy your purchase at one of the few tables in the shop and wash it down with a glass of delicious (Catalan) wine.