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Easy Strawberry Wine

Add a little kick to your strawberry season! This homemade strawberry wine recipe comes together in minutes and is ready to enjoy in just a few months.

Brownies made with red wine. This is the easiest recipe ever for infusing brownies with wine. It's the perfect dessert for a girls' night in, 21st birthday, or bachelorette party.

RosePetalWineRecipe: Put 11cups rose petals, 2 ½ lbs Sugar, I lemon juice, 1lt grape juice into 3700ml boiling water, cover&leave overnight. Add 1 yeast sachet & 1 teasp Yeast Nutrient. Leave 5 days, stirring twice a day. Sieve liquid&Discard petals, Close Jar & Leave for a year.

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27 Genius Ways to Use Leftover Wine

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Dark Chocolate Red Wine Fudge

Red wine & dark chocolate are a heavenly match and something I just HAD to try. And then I did add just a bit of hot pepper to make it dance on the tongue. It’s not spicy at all, but it h…

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How to Make Heavenly Homemade Wine

How to Make Heavenly Homemade Fruit Wines -- I've been wanting to get into making my own liquors. NOTE: I seriously just learned that this isn't actually legal. I just sort of assumed that it was legal to distill your own liquor for private use, as long as you weren't selling.

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3 DIY wines you can make at home

Strawberry Wine Recipe. I've tried this wine for the first time when I was at the office of Befdord cleaners ( It's amazing!