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Wine Wipes - a product for cleaning up your crimson smile. A disposable pad is removed from the compact and the mirror affixed to the lid guides you as you rub off the stain.

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Wine Wipes Compact Wine Wipes

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Wine Wipes - Whether you call it tannin’ teeth, malbec mouth, or the red badge of courage, the stain red wine leaves on your teeth and mouth is eminently unattractive. With just one swipe, you can wipe that wine off your smile.

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The holidays are all about wining and dining...but you can avoid the staining that comes along with it by using Wine Wipes.

Wine Wipes are a quick and easy wipe to remove red wine stains from teeth, while protecting tooth enamel from acids in wine. Wine Wipes remove the film red wine leaves on your teeth and mouth with a p

How to Remove Red Wine Stains From Your Teeth and Tongue -Wine Wipes Review

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