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Wing Chun a documentary Slicing through the buildup and the myths to investigate Wing Chun in the schools of Hong Kong and ask is this the best martial art on the planet?


Wing Chun Club Placerville Chapter - Pole Form, massive martial arts power from the Wing Chun Pole Form. Great self defense training from with lots of valuable video and instructional information. 2nd Generation Yip Man via Grand Mas right here at Fredericksburg Martial Arts School


~Wing Chun~ I always think Wing Chun is like a body part swiss army knife and this pretty much illustrates it.


Watch an excellent Chinese martial arts documentary featuring 3 Gung Fu schools from the heart of Europe, Prague, Czech republic: Practical Hung Kyun of Pavel Macek Sifu Wing Chun of Ivan Rzounek Sifu Praying Mantis, Tiger Claw and Taijiquan of George Hušek Sifu You will learn about various aspects of traditional Chinese martial arts training: Fighting…