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Slippery winter road conditions.

How to Find Weather Conditions for a Driving Trip

SALT LAKE CITY — A car attempted to pass a snow plow early Sunday morning, and the winter road conditions contributed to an accident between the two vehicles. John Gleason, Utah Department of Transportation spokesperson, said the car was moving southbound along I-15 behind the plow. The driver attempted to pass the plow in the left lane, but the driver spun out and collided with the other vehicle. The driver is OK

This Thanksgiving, it's predicted 40 million motorists are expected to take to the road. Additional motorists, alcohol, and winter road conditions can lead to dangerous situations. Holiday Driving Hazards: •Fatigue •Compressed Travel Time •Speed •Weather Conditions Alcohol •Not wearing a seat belt

OPEN COUNTRY WLT1 - Engineered to deliver optimal performance for a variety of commercial vehicle applications in demanding winter road conditions.

Tips for driving in the rain - by OUTsurance keep safe, protects you and your car and don't take chances!


Not only tested for winter road conditions, also cleared the 'abominable road in winter' test. I have a test site for them - winding mountain roads of Nor-Cal, State HWY 44 - pretty please, Cadillac! Cadillac's 'Masked Rider' - an Elmiraj inspired RWD spied by

3 Tips for Driving in Sleet or Ice When the weather gets rough and the temperatures are dropping, the sleet and ice can make driving dangerous. If you don’t know how to drive in Ohio winter road conditions, it can be quite an anxiety-inducing experience. We’ll give you three great tips for driving in sleet and ice so that you can hit the streets with confidence this year.