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Merovingian Sword The sword has a straight, double-edged, iron blade with central groove. It features a wooden hilt with rectangular quillon roundish at the corners, small round pommel and oval grip thickening towards the quillon, both covered with silver wire binding and five bands of golden thread. The shape of the hilt seems to belong to the transition Merovingian period between the 2nd type (Northern swords with decorated silver hilt dated around 300 A.D., found in Kragehul Mose…


Dueling Sword, Italy circa 1900 Straight blade ribbed at the centre, on the fuller the motto "NON TI FIDAR DI ME / SE IL COR TI MANCA"; sword-shells decorated with relieved petals at the centre, and relieved at the border, the inside surface lined with velvet; iron quillon and pommel, twisted horn grip, with wire binding. Complete with leather scabbard with iron mounts.


Rapier Sword Dated: circa 1600 Culture: Spanish Measurements: overall length 104 cm The sword has a double-edged blade of diamond section, with the smith’s mark on the ricasso. It features an iron swept hilt comprising a globular gadrooned pommel and grip with wire binding. Source: Copyright © 2014 Antikvity Praha S.R.O.


A court small-sword category: A Selection of Fine Arms II provenance: Russia dating: third quarter of the 18th Century

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