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Basics of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)


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Wireless Application Protocol (WAP & WML)

Developed by the WAP Forum, the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is the de-facto set of communication protocols for the presentation and delivery of wireless information and telephony services on mobile phones and other wireless terminals. WAP is very similar to the Internet’s combination of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). By linking the two ‘hot-topics’ in communication – the internet and mobile technology – WAP provides a very valuable service.


Nokia 7110 – the first effort at taking the Internet onto a mobile (1999) The Nokia 7110 was the first mobile phone to have a WAP Browser (Wireless Application Protocol) or Microbrowser.

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a technical standard for accessing information over a mobile wireless network. A WAP browser is a web browser for mobile devices such as mobile phones that uses the protocol.

Basics of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)




V4.0 Desenvolvimento Waveshare nRF51822 2.4GHz Bluetooth Module Board w / Antenna - Deep Blue

Waveshare nRF51822 2.4GHz Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Development Board Module w/ Antenna - Deep Blue. A multi-protocol single-chip solution for ULP wireless application; Integrated Nordic wireless transmitter; Support bluetooth low energy and 2.4GHz protocol Core 51822: Main chip: nRF51822 Communication range: 30m (in open area, 1Mbps) Working frequency: 2.4GHz Working voltage: 2~3.6V Temperature range: -40~85'C Interface: All I/O, except P0.26 and P0.27 Pin space: 2.0mm Pin side space: 18mm…

The Mobile Internet technology refers to Internet content viewable by wireless mobile devices, of which WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is one, but not the only example. Rapidsoft Systems helps businesses to mobile enable their core services. With the Rapidsoft Systems' expertise, you can reach your customers anytime and anywhere.


International Journal on Computational Science & Applications (IJCSA)

International Journal on Computational Science & Applications(IJCSA) I SSN : 2200 - 0011 Current Issue June 2016, Volume 6, Number 3 Energy Efficient, Lifetime Improving and Secure Periodic Data Collection Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks