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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost and Information

Dental Phobia and Dental Anxiety - If you are afraid of the dentist (like I am) then check out this website.


Ballarat Dental Care have highly educated and trained staff of dentists available for general dentistry, preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and many more in Ballarat.


How the CA-125 became a $50,000 blood test

How the CA-125 became a $50,000 blood test: #CA125 #bloodtest


Orthodontic Melbourne is extremely popular oral treatment with the young people particularly the teenagers. Many parents insisted by their kids who desire to wear braces in order to look good.


Impacted Wisdom Teeth Always interesting what you can find when you type in cosmetic surgery and other related terms

Wisdom teeth are removed in our practice by a SPECIALIST oral and maxillofacial surgeon. We can PUT YOU TO SLEEP if you prefer in our practice. Cost starts from $300.00 depending on difficulty of treatment.

Skyline Dental offers Complete Makeovers to give you a brand new smile. Whether you lost a tooth playing hockey or simply want to straighten your teeth, we can design a solution for you.

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