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2/20/14 10p MGM "The Wizard of Oz" Professor Marvel/The Wizard sits atop a large Prop Poster Book of the Film. Standing: Scarecrow Tin Man Dorothy Gale Cowardly Lion 1939


the wizard of oz | Lao Pride Forum - The Wizard of Oz Cast List


Vintage Wizard of Oz Cast Photo (1939)

Wizard of Oz Differentiated Activities for First Grade Common Core from Ivy Taul on - (20 pages) - Wizard of Oz Cast of Character booklet aligned with CCSS standards for first grade. Students create their own Wizard of Oz cast of characters book by listing adjectives that describes each character in the Wizard of Oz. Duration would most likely be 1-2 w

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Secrets of the Wizard of Oz revealed

The Wizard of Oz, Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Doctor Doolittle. They came on TV just once a year , we got so excited to see them.


#10: Judy Garland Wizard of Oz Cast Signed Autographed 8 X 10 Reprint Photo - Mint Condition

Fact: Wizard of Oz was originally black and white and was later on converted into color hence NOT making it the first color movie like everyone thinks. Actually the film was produced in the 3 strip Color Process Technicolor and the opening sequence was not B but Sepia tone, this was done so that when the print went to color there would be no focus shift between the color and non color sequence.


Guest Post: Off To See The Wizard | Breezy Cheetah Pop. FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD.


Clip Art For Wizard Of Oz 1900 Along With Wizard Of Oz Cast Characters Together…