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'YOU AIN'T NO SLAVES!' BLACK VET'S EPIC TAKEDOWN OF ANTI-TRUMP RIOTERS 'None of you put on a uniform. But you're quick to disrespect the flag' Read more at


SAGE FROM SOUTH CENTRAL, Larry Elder, says Eric Holder is a More dangerous race hustler than Rev. Al & he ridicules Eric Holder's NJ Turnpike story. The long-believed claim of “racism” on that highway has been investigated – and debunked. Twice... by the DOJ, but the truth didn't fit their script so they didn't want to publish it!

Is Egypt's president fulfilling Bible prophecy? With all the recent changes in Egypt, the question is now being asked: Is Egypt's president fulfilling biblical prophecy? Check out how he matches up with these verses from Holy Scripture ... Read the latest now on


FAITH UNDER FIRE Ted Cruz grabs megaphone, heads to White House Senator warns 'time to act' against growing threat - Boston bombers followers of Iran's ayatollah - WorldNetDaily - - #iran