Depravity is an Engineered, the last outcome of an experiment to produce the world's largest dog. Despite minor deformities, he is the healthiest and largest of the group: a hybrid of Tibetan mastiff, Caucasian shepherd, Leonberger, and wolf. Depravity lost his left eye four years ago, after two daring but foolish kids tried to break him out of the laboratory where he was created. Gentle by nature, he endures fight conditioning meant to break his inhibition to retaliate…

Siberian Husky Wolf Mix | ... old wolf hybrid named Tukai is 25% Siberian Husky and 75% Timber Wolf

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. WOLF HYBRID Dogs alone can be unpredictable, but when you cross a dog with a wild animal, the potential for aggression and unexpected behavior grows exponentially. This hybrid, though beautiful and exotic, could be dangerous if not careful.

Pictures of Native American Indian Dog Dog Breed.. Looks just like peanut.. Almost .. Lol @Nicole Novembrino Law

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Tamaskan Dog: (Northern Inuit Dog, Utonagan, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd, Saarloos Wolfdog, and other arctic breeds.)

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