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Make Wolfgang Puck's Pizza Dough at Home

Wolfgang Puck is famous for a lot of great food, but if you had to choose the one item for which he would be most well known, it would be his delicious pizzas. Wolfgang Puck changed the way Americans looked at the pizza forever. This is his signature pizza dough recipe.


Wolfgang Puck's Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf - Wolfgang Puck Express

Wolfgang Puck's Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf - Wolfgang Puck Express - The Disney Chef


The Talk: Wolfgang Puck Whole Roasted Turkey Recipe + Pressure Oven

Chef Wolfgang Puck visited The Talk to share his Thanksgiving recipe for a Whole Roasted Turkey and talk about his pressure oven for faster cooking.


Wolfgang Puck: Cut Steakhouse Macaroni and Cheese

DFP Wolgang Puck's CUT Steakhouse Macaroni & Cheese- As for the sauce itself, we make it extra creamy and a bit tangy by adding some crème fraîche — the thick, slightly soured French cream you can find in the deli or cheese department — and a mixture of freshly shredded aged cheddar and mozzarella cheeses that add extra complexity of flavor and texture to the sauce.


Wolfgang Puck's Famous Pizza Recipe

Wolfgang Puck's smoked salmon pizza recipe from Spago (caviar optional, of course!)