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1997 Rose Bowl Game, University of Michigan perfect football season! First college football game I watched, and been a loyal fan ever since!! GO BLUE!!!


#Marvel#ParadiseX With Death destroyed Mar-Vell constructs a Paradise in the center of the Negative Zone for the dead to inhabit. However those among the living find themselves unable to die. Meanwhile X-51 decides that the inhabitants of alternate Earths should be warned about the Celestial embryos he believes are growing within their planets. He spreads the alarm across the multiverse by recruiting and dispatching Heralds from alternate timelines such as Bloodstorm (Ororo Monroe…

Michigan's recruiting momentum for 2015 is still picking up steam with potential five-star running back Damien Harris announcing via twitter his commitment to the Wolverines.

The June-July 2014 issue of The Wolverine , our annual Basketball Recruiting issue, features four-star basketball signee Kameron Chatman on the cover.


Regenesis: Team Break Out After Schism, Wolverine and Cyclops announces that mutantkind is “splitting up”, and set about recruiting core X-Men to their sides. Below is the results…

Magneto. I like this because it could be used to represent any real recruitment posters in historic years gone by, eg "Join Caeser's Xth and see the world!"