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These Adorable Pictures Will Make You Want To Adopt A Baby Wombat

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Animal photos of the week: 27 June 2014

An orphaned baby wombat chomps on a carrot while being cared for by keepers at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, Australia

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Snuggle buddies!

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Orphaned kangaroo and wombat are inseparable friends (they even share the same pouch)

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Now That Is A Big Wombat

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Cute Adorble Wombat

In October, ZooBorns introduced you to ‘Chloe’, the orphaned Wombat joey, at the Taronga Zoo. Chloe’s mother was struck by a car, and Taronga keeper, Evelyn Watson, became surrogate mom to the six-month-old joey. Evelyn carried Chloe everywhere, in a...

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