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Women's 60s Trends

60s Hairstyle Trends: Bouffant, Beehive, Flip - 60s hairstyle trends still influence modern looks for women interested in retro style. Check out the most important 60s big hairstyles, from bouffant to pixie.

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’60s Fashion Icons: 15 Stylish Women Who Still Inspire Us Today

’60s Fashion Icons: 15 Stylish Women Who Still Inspire Us Today | StyleCaster

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I love, love, LOVE the above photo! Couldn't get more '60s if you tried! The hats, scarves, raincoats, gloves tights and boots; each are little '60's fashion icons on their own. I so want everything '60's as my wardrobe. Getting there very slowly and expensively!

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1960s Fashion: The icons and styles that defined a the decade

Former magazine cover girl Paulene Stone may not be as well-known as other models from the era but Paulene’s style was certainly what everyone wanted. The statuesque beauty embodied Swinging London more than any other, and her work with David Bailey is what the photographer has attributed to kicking off his career in 1960.

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MOMSPatterns Vintage Sewing Patterns - Simplicity 4293 Vintage 60's Sewing Pattern SNAZZY Jackie O Chanel Style Suit Dress, Proportioned Collared Jacket, Tucked Stitch Trim Sheath Dress

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Fantastic rare 60s mod floral fabric swedish scandi pattern in great condition

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Patti Boyd. Intolerance:.... at the time,this contained two intolerances- the short skirt and the wide-legged stance. Of course no conservative French mayor likely to say non.

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